January 13, 2009

The Obama Cult

I'm starting to understand the Obama Cult.

This morning, I was watching a morning show and a piece came on about the Hopenchangey new advertising campaigns that have been springing up lately. While I was watching the piece, I noticed one thing.  The companies mentioned in the ad had one thing in common.  Their websites had a place for people to send in what they would do to change the world.  That's the key to the Cult.

All of the Obamabots actually believe that The One® cares what they think.  They believe that The One® is going to be sitting in the Oval Office wondering what Suzy in Des Moines would like for him to do.  I've got bad news for you, Suzy.  The One® doesn't give a flying fuck what you think.

He's a politician.  All he cares about is what will get him re-elected.  All he cares about is what is popular, not what is right or just.  Every decision he makes will be driven by polling.  Sure, he'll be popular, but he will look as shizophrenic as the American populace is (and that's pretty bad.)

The One® is already starting to become Clinton 2.0.  He has all make and manner of sleazy campaign contributors.  He's made a bunch of promises to get elected that he is now walking back on.  For goodness sakes, he has selected every swinging dick from the Clinton administration to serve in his cabinet.  Any day now, I expect him to announce that Betty Currie will be his secretary.

The Obama Cult is in for some serious disillusionment.  Just watch.  Come 2012, the vaunted youth vote that powered him to victory will evaporate.  They'll realize that all their hopes and dreams were dashed by a guy who isn't a leader.  Ara Parseghian, the former football coach at Notre Dame, once siad that there is an easy definition of leadership.  He said that a leader is a guy who, when being chased down the street by an ugly mob, can make it look like he's leading a parade.  Obama is just a guy running.

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