March 16, 2009

Bipartisan...I Don't Think that Word Means What You Think It Means

One of our U.S. Senators is up for e-election in 2010.  This weekend, she held her big re-up kick-off party.  Her theme is that she works hard to reach across the aisle and forge bipartisan legislation.  I wonder if he giggled a little when she spoke that crap.

Her lifetime rating from the ACU is 19.41.  That means that 80.59% of the time, she voted along party lines.  I would suspect that, since The One has been in office, her rating would approach zero.  I can't recall one vote where she didn't fall in line with Harry Reid.  Of our 6 reps/senators, she rated hext-to-last with only the commie who represents our capital's district lower (12.66.)

Of course, the people of this state will re-elect her because the vast majority of them don't pay enough attention to positions and votes to know what she is doing to them.

If 1 vote in 5 is considered "bipartisan," we are screwed.

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Specter is up for reelcetion in 2010,as well. My dilemma is that if the GOP elects a real conservative such as Toomey in the primary, he might not be able to win in a general election, since PA has been rather blue lately (with a Dem Gov & Dem controlled state house & a Dem junior senator). From a Realpolitik point of view, it might be better to have a nominal GOP who sometimes votes with your party than a died in the wool dem who'll never vote for your party. I'm still leaning towards supporting the real conservative in the primary, though.

Posted by: adagioforstrings at March 16, 2009 06:42 AM (z2FjG)

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