January 19, 2009

Unrealistic Expecctations

During the transition period, I have noticed that the expectations of what The One can accomplish have grown and grown.  Just yesterday, I read an article that claimed that over 70% of the people in the U.S. believed that Obama will save America and the world.  After digesting the article for a while, I have come to the conclusion that 70% of the people are friggin’ nuts.

Such expectations can only be bad for Obama.  As we have already seen, he is learning that actual governing is far more complicated than a pithy sound bite on the stump.  His supporters have already seen him crawfish on things like Gitmo and taxes.   Once he’s actually in charge, it will only happen more and more often.  He made too many unrealistic promises.  They were based on his naiveté and lack of experience.  The promises pandered to his base or sounded good on the evening news.  Once he started learning the real facts, he had to modify his positions. 

I think that’s good.  His new positions will be more palatable to the great, unwashed masses.  By moving to the center, he will do less harm in the next 4 years.

Unfortunately, that may hurt him in the long run.  His positions may be good for the country tomorrow, but his followers want things fixed today.  They have somehow come to believe that he can fix everything with a quick wave of his pen.  When he doesn’t solve all of the nation’s ills, people will start wondering if they’ve been bamboozled.  They’ll start to see that he is all hat and no cattle.  He will no longer be seen as a savior.  He’ll be exposed as just another politician.  When that happens, all the fancy speechifying won’t save him.

The only thing he has going for him as that the economy will miraculously improve starting January 21st.  Rather, that’s what everyone will be led to believe.  But that’s for another post.

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