March 19, 2009

Bipartisanship.. Just Another Word for "We Won"

It looks like Teleprompter Jesus is gearing up to ram a little bipartisanship down Republicans throats

President Barack Obama may try to push through Congress a health-care overhaul, energy proposals and tax increases by using a partisan tactic that would thwart Republican efforts to block the measures.

 The administration and congressional Democrats are debating whether to use a parliamentary procedure called reconciliation to advance some of the biggest items on the president’s agenda. The move would allow Democrats to approve plans to raise taxes by $1 trillion, create a cap-and-trade system to rein in greenhouse-gas emissions, and overhaul health care without a single Republican vote.

Nice. He's reaching across the aisle to slap Republican lawmakers silly. When he talked about bipartisanship when he was running for President, it was only lip service. He never intended really caring about what R's thought. He probably thought that he would have a filibuster-proof Senate and he wouldn't have to compromise. Things didn't quite work out that way, did they?

I don't think this will pan out for him. There are too mnay moderate Democrats who won't agree with this tactic. He will need them down the line, so it would be bad to alienate them now. When he starts losing his own party, he is in serious trouble.

To me, this is starting to sound like a guy who doesn't think he will be around very long. He is trying to cram as much left-wing legislation through Congress as fast as he can. Congress is already grumbling that he should slow down. We can only hope that he doesn't hang around too long. I don't know if we can survive his Presidency.

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We Can All rest Easy Now

Now that Dems are 'fessing up about their roles in the AIG bonus "problem," I suspect we will hear less and less about it.  We won't see Congressmen pounding their fists demanding the money be returned.  We won't see administration officials screaming about getting the money back.  We won't see Teleprompter Jesus calling these executives every dirty name in the book.  TJ took responsibility* just so we can move on.  Our long, national nightmare is over.

* As in, "It's not really my fault, but I will take the balme if you will move on and stop looking into the unethical dealings of my administration."

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