February 19, 2009

Low Sodium?

Campbell's Soup has announced that they are reducing the sodium content of their signature T\omato Soup.  They boast that they are lowering it by one-third.  They are boasting that it is low sodium.

As someone on a low-sodium diet due to end-stage renal disease, I have to laugh.  Reducing the sodium content to 480 mg is admirable, but it's not exactly low sodium.

In a typical low sodium diet, you are allowed about 2000 mg of sodium.  One bowl of soup would give you almost a fourth of your daily allowance.  That's only one-half a can.  The figures are for a "serving."  There ae 2 servings per can, so an entire can is 960 mg.  Also, that doesn't include any sodium in milk, which is typically added to tomato soup when it is cooked.

I am glad more companies are putting out low sodium products.  I just wish they were really low sodium.

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