November 09, 2008

What a Crock

I deceided (against my better judgment) to watch the 60 Minutes interview of the Obma brain trust.  I should have listened to myself and not watched it.  It was a group of people who really belived that they won the election because they had an awesome candidate.  He was just a great man wanting to do good for the country.

At one point, Steve Kroft commented on the awesomeness of the campaign by mentioning that there were no leaks from it.  Of course, the geniuses said that was because every man, woman and child in the campaign looooooooooooooved Obama with all their heart, mind and soul.  Somehow, they failed to mention that, with the media in the tank for "The One," leaks died a violent death on the newsroom floor.

One laugh-out-loud moment came when they stated that Obama made his decision to run on the spur-of-the-moment.  He didn't have the desire to be President, but he did it because of the good he could do.  Excuse me?  All of the "Present" votes he has made over the years served only one purpose.  He was prepping the field for a run at the top.  A "Present" vote allowed him to avoid taking sides on issues.  In that way, , he could take whatever position would advance him the furthest in the future.  If you are a senator, the only path up is to the Presidency.

I participate in Zogby's online polls.  He started a new on today.  When I took it, I realized that it was designed for one thing only.  It was designed as an indictment of the media. Many of the questions were of the type, "If you had known this information about Obama, how would it have affected your decision about voting for him?"  The questions were about a wide range of topics that the media should have reported to the American people but did not.  I will be interested in seeing the results.

The people working for Obama didn't win this election for him.  The media did.  There should be a little less preening going on.

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