October 31, 2008

Of Elections

Notes on the election:

1.  Our daughter voted for the first time this year.  Despite the fact that she is studying a field that is full of raging Leftys, she pulled the lever for McCain/Palin.  I've never talked politics in front of her, so I am extremely proud that she was able to come to her own conclusions about the Messiah.

2.  This morning, our local NBC affiliate ran a piece from the Big Boys.  It was a piece on early voting trends.  Naturally, the slant was that Obama was winning big.  First, they interviewed a 105-year-old black woman.  Amazingly, she voted for The One.  That alone is enough to prove Obama's upcoming victory.  However, the reporter felt that she needed to kick it up a notch.  She ended the piece by noting that Obama is leading by 20 points among early voters.  Resistance is futile.

3.  Our son is a reporter at a TV station in Gainesville, Florida.  He called the other night to tell us that he got to conduct a one-on-one, sit-down interview with Obama (sadly, he will probably vote for the pinhead.)  This is quite a coup because he is still young at new at the reporting game.  Most of his experience has been as the producer of the evening news at the stations where he was worked.  His sister was more impressed with the fact that he got to interview Kal Penn of Harold and Kumar fame.  Did I tell you how proud I am of her?

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