November 23, 2008

Historians are Pinheads

I was just watcing a show on the History Channel.  In it, they were discussing the settling of Texas and the Texas Revolution.  They had a historian on the show who was clearly a left-wing kind of guy.  He had previously made statements that were somewhat derogatory towardd traditional Texas values.  Eventually, he made what is perhaps the most stupid statement a historian has ever made.

While discussing the Texas Revolution, he said (paraphrasing,) "The Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas are perfect examples of the success of illegal immigration."  Let's analyze that from the perspective of Mexico:

1.  A group of illegal immigrants move into a part of Mexico (along with legal immigrants.)

2.  The immigrants decide that they don't like the laws of Mexico which they are livng under.

3.  The immigrants revolt.

4.  The immigrants defeat the Mexican Army and capture the Mexican President.

5.  The immigrants demand to be given their independence from Mexico and the President agrees to their terms.

6.  The immigrants form their own country from the former Mexican state.

7.  The new country is eventually granted U.S. statehood.

Yeah, that really worked out well for Mexico.

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