November 01, 2008

Obama Out of Touch

Barack Obama doesn't understand much about the average guy.  During halftime of the Florida-Georgia game, he ran a long campaign commercial.  (Of course, I didn't actually hear the commercial.  I was listening to one game on the radio and watching another on TV.)   Apparently, he doesn't know that guys don't watch halftime.  They flip around looking for some other game going on.  It doesn't matter if the guy likes the teams involved or not.  He just wants to see football.

Also, the Obamessiah doesn't understand that guys don't want to deal with politics during a football game.  All they care about is HOW THE HELL CAN THEY KEEP RUNNING THE BALL WHEN IT ISN'T WORKING!

That's why I have always been a supporter of President Bush.  You just know that, if the red phone was to ring, he would answer it and say, "Listen, I'm puuting you on hold for a minute.  Oregon State is on the 1 yardline and I want to see if Stanford can hold them."

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